Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!

Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!

Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!

Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!

Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!

Buy CPT in presale and receive free entry into a $100k jackpot tournament!


Welcome to CoinPoker!

Home of the world's biggest poker pot

CoinPoker is the leading blockchain-powered poker platform, famous for hosting the world's biggest ever online poker pot in 2022.

Poker legends 'Tony G', 'Chattahoochee' and 'HannibalGetya' bid up the winnings to $7,750,000 in a Pot Limit Omaha $5,000/$10,000 Cash Game in 2022, creating instant history in the largest crypto poker room in the world with 200,000+ users.

Developed by an ambitious team of poker lovers back in 2017 CoinPoker's 2024 transformation into a smarter crypto-first gaming experience will exceed historic levels of volume and excitement - all powered by cutting edge blockchain technology and a new rewards token on Polygon.

Buy CPT to Enter $100K CPT FREEROLL

Make a purchase of CPT tokens during the presale to earn a share of our $100,000 Freeroll Bonus! To qualify, open a new or existing CoinPoker account and follow our socials for further announcements!

Join the world's largest


  • 150% Joining Bonus
  • 100% Decentralized
  • No KYC


The New CoinPoker Token

CPT is the new currency of the CoinPoker economy and grants holders unique benefits such as Stake-to-Rake and Stream-to-Earn rewards. Purchase CPT tokens in presale and you’ll receive free entry into a $1 million jackpot poker tournament, hosted by CoinPoker!

Ticker: CPT % Allocation Tokens


20% 1,000,000,000


20% 1,000,000,000


20% 1,000,000,000

Poker Ecosystem

30% 1,500,000,000


5% 250,000,000


5% 250,000,000

Total Supply



How To Buy

How To Buy

The new CPT token is on Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that facilitates faster and cheaper transactions, while maintaining Ethereum’s security. CPT tokens bought in presale can be staked for dynamic APY - only if using the MATIC / USDT purchase method.

Buy with Bank Card

Use your bank card to buy CPT tokens the traditional way. Make sure you also have a Polygon or EVM-compatible wallet address in order to receive your tokens.


Buy with ETH / BNB / AVAX / SOL

CPT tokens can also be bought using ETH, BNB, AVAX, SOL or USDC. Select your desired chain in the buy widget dropdown, connect wallet, and proceed.


Buy with MATIC / USDT

Connect your EVM-compatible wallet to the buy widget to swap MATIC or USDT for CPT tokens. If you don’t have your own wallet, install Best Wallet or MetaMask.


Stake to Rake


CoinPoker players get back 33% of the Rake we take from every pot if they hold CPT tokens in their CoinPoker account during hands.

How It Works
Extra CPT Bonuses

Hold CPT in your CoinPoker account

Unlock entry into high roller and exclusive tournaments for holding CPT tokens in your CoinPoker account

Play poker games to generate Rake

The longer you hold your CPT tokens, and the higher the balance, the better the bonuses you receive

Get 33% Rakeback in CPT tokens, paid out every Monday

Holding CPT tokens in your account wallet also grants you access to our weekly CoinPoker raffle

Stream to Earn


Earn CPT Rewards

CoinPoker is empowering everyone to earn CPT while streaming. Simply download our branding and generate your unique referral code to get started.

  • Brand your streams and let rip. The more viewers you get, the longer you stream, and the more people you send to the CoinPoker platform, the more you’ll earn.
  • Get creative with it. Offer a bounty on yourself and have your audience find you. Let your chat pick your next move.
  • Raise your Stream-to-Earn level. As you build your audience and climb through the streaming ranks, you’ll unlock higher level rewards.
Easy Setup and Start

Whether you are a small or famous streamer, you can earn CPT tokens by live streaming your games. Each month we’ll allocate a CPT fund towards rewarding our streamers. Simply sign up to our streamer program.


The CoinPoker Brand

CoinPoker is the largest crypto poker room in the world and widely rated as one of the best online poker sites. In addition to easy crypto deposits and withdrawals and being geographically unrestricted, all our card shuffling is secured by trusted Random Number Generation (RNG) - verified on the blockchain.

With more than 200,000 regular players, CoinPoker has built an established community.

Dedicated Community and Ecosystem

CoinPoker offers a market-beating 150% Deposit Bonus for new players and regular perks for existing players.

Instant Crypto Payouts, Deposits & Withdrawals

Access CoinPoker from anywhere in the world and use BTC, ETH, USDT or CPT to instantly deposit and withdraw from your account.

Top Bonuses for New and Existing Players

CoinPoker’s 33% Rakeback policy is one of the highest in the industry, ensuring our players always get something back.

Earn Rakeback Rewards Through CPT

The Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP+) is our flagship event alongside dozens of weekly cash games and tournaments.

Live Cash Games and Tournaments


Meet Our Ambassadors

Argentine Football Association

Argentina are the current soccer world champions and have recognized a world class poker platform. CoinPoker is proud to have the Argentine Football Association (AFA) as a sponsor of our platform.

Antanas Guoga

Antanas Guoga is one of the most successful high-stakes cash poker legends, better known as 'Tony G'. As of 2023, his total live tournament winnings exceeded $11M. His 20 cash finishes at the World Series of Poker account for nearly $2M of those winnings.

Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Mercier has been an ambassador for CoinPoker since 2017 and hosts a dedicated weekly tournament on the platform. She was nicknamed 'No Mercy' by poker star Mike Sexton after winning the World Poker Tour Ladies' Night tournament in 2004.

Fernando Habegger

Fernando Habegger is a Swiss poker pro with more than $600K in recorded career winnings, 9 cash finishes at the World Series of Poker, and 2 final tables. 'JNandez' has enjoyed sustained success as a player and coach, with his speciality being Pot-Limit Omaha.

Mario Mosbock

Mario Mosbock gave up a potential career in Austrian soccer to focus on poker at the age of 21. Now 28, he has already earned over £20 million in prize money including two Triton Super Highroller titles. Rumour is he’s been playing poker since he was 12 and had already made £23,000 by the time he was 14.



Argentine Football Association


Antanas Guoga


Isabelle Mercier


Fernando Habegger


Mario Mosbock